First Evening Review

The Good (What have I done right?)

  1. Prioritized my partner’s needs over the tasks I had planned to do today when I saw that I was needed
  2. Helped a friend with an assignment (turns out I can still sort of solve problems) taking care not to just give the answer away
  3. Supported / mentored some students with their project

The Bad (What I have I done wrong?)

  1. Snoozed under the blanket this morning
  2. Indulged myself a bit way too much
  3. Was not as patient as I should have been with a friend who was struggling to be productive
  4. Procrastinated (again) a task I have avoided for a couple of weeks even after I had finished “helping” everyone else who needed me today

The Left Undone (What should I do next time?)

  1. Jump out of bed! Lethargy is death’s less famous cousin!
  2. Delay gratification as long as possible – I don’t need it
  3. Stop and remember how often I repeat my mistakes whenever I am tempted to be curt to others for repeating theirs. Particularly long-time friends who have previously been very supportive of me. What’s their speck when compared to my plank?
  4. When noticing myself beginning to succumb to a distraction, stop everything. Step way back and imagine what the most ideal version of me would be doing at this moment. Do that and do it immediately. There is a time and place for curious exploration, but it is never right in the middle of (or the beginning of!) work to which I committed and on which many depend.


It took a lot more effort to answer three simple questions than I expected. Hopefully this gets easier.

This seems to me a perfect summary of some of my biggest flaws: lazy, indulgent, impatient, and unfocused. Hopefully having identified them so clearly here, it will make recognizing them and correcting them easier and more effective moving forward.

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