Put Your Mask On Before Helping Others With Theirs

The Good (What have I done right?)

  1. Idle time was a minimum
  2. Took time for reflection and introspection
  3. Did the things which bring me happiness
  4. Avoided overindulgence

The Bad (What I have I done wrong?)

  1. Was unrealistic in expectations (planned way more than what was doable in one evening)

The Left Undone (What should I do next time?)

  • Keep small gaps in plan to account for things taking longer than estimated, interruptions, etc.
  • Don’t cram too many things in the plan for the day


Today was a good day. I was able to do the things I enjoyed, particularly those which while don’t necessarily give me the biggest and most immediate dopamine hit, nonetheless provide me with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I was also very positive today – I didn’t let any of the negative recurring feelings of anxiety control me or change my mood.

I don’t know how long this feeling of awesomeness will last, so I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it while it lasts. Here’s to quiet nights in.

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