Review of Indulgence

The Good (What have I done right?)

  • Comforted my partner when they needed it
  • Completed important tasks during lunch time
  • Practiced self-talk and took steps to grow in my personal effectiveness
  • Took time off to sharpen the saw

The Bad (What I have I done wrong?)

  • Indulged – less than usual, still too much
  • Did not stick to the plan – tasks were left undone but there could have been balance and both the tasks and the leisure time adequately served

The Left Undone (What should I do next time?)

  • Just don’t… You don’t need it. Next time
    • Go for a walk
    • Wash your face
    • Stretch
    • Jumping jacks
  • Revise the plan if it’s so hard to stick to. Otherwise just stick to it!


Today started off okay… I was getting things done and despite some indulgence issues, trucking along. Somewhere along the day, I started getting comfortable. Without even thinking, I found time wasted. Cravings satisfied. Expectations of myself, unmet. Then tasks I had planned to do after work did not go to plan either; and there is no interruption or distraction to blame this time other than my own preference to play rather than work.

“Neither ought we always to keep the mind strained to the same pitch, but it ought sometimes to be relaxed by amusement.”

“Men’s minds ought to have relaxation: they rise up better and more vigorous after rest. We must not force crops from rich fields, for an unbroken course of heavy crops will soon exhaust their fertility, and so also the liveliness of our minds will be destroyed by unceasing labour, but they will recover their strength after a short period of rest and relief: for continuous toil produces a sort of numbness and sluggishness. Men would not be so eager for this, if play and amusement did not possess natural attractions for them, although constant indulgence in them takes away all gravity and all strength from the mind: for sleep, also, is necessary for our refreshment, yet if you prolong it for days and nights together it will become death. There is a great difference between slackening your hold of a thing and letting it go.”

Seneca, Of Peace of Mind 17

Seneca, you clever bastard. Very well put.

That’s OK though. I’m human. I will mess up. I will do better next time.

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