Off-Days: Normal and Okay

The Good (What have I done right?)

  1. Was careful about my words
  2. Pushed through an unexpected and nearly overwhelming wave of negative thoughts and emotions which would have been crippling
  3. Attempted to connect with others in a new way despite desire to escape all interactions

The Bad (What I have I done wrong?)

  1. Let the negative thoughts fester
  2. Rejected small comforts when offered
  3. Made someone else’s irritability about me

The Left Undone (What should I do next time?)

  • Identify innocuous activity which brings about constructive joy
    • Do this activity at first realization of feeling down
  • Acknowledge mood and welcome attempts to help with gratitude – they are usually done out of care and good intentions
  • Remember that the behavior of others should not impact my emotions – they may be reacting to work, health, hunger, or even me and my irritability! Accept their good will with thanks and good cheer. It is a sign of love and affection.


I cannot pinpoint any one thing which caused me to feel so dismal today. It could be a lack of sleep, a severe wave of feeling inferior or impostor’s syndrome at work, a minor tiff with the partner, etc. More than likely it is the unholy superposition of all of these.

All I know is, I really hope that tomorrow is better. Perhaps I should take steps to increase those chances…

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